A chaotic event starting with comrades bringing gifts for surviving another year before a bright colourful object is placed on a table representing the years while people sing an uncomfortable song, ending in the colourful object being stabbed, set on fire and eaten while presents are disposed to the host
by RandomLoser123 January 12, 2021
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code for when a group of people get together at someones house and smoke weed
Dude, i heard theres a birthday party tonight
by ozorio May 15, 2011
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A very daring sex move; occurs when a male receives oral sex and fails to notify his partner of his impending orgasm, during the course of his shenanigans, the male discretely pulls out a happy birthday hat, confetti, and noisemaker. At climax the male then proceeds to blow into the noisemaker, aim his load on his partner's face, yell surprise and throw the confetti in the air. You get extra points if you get the confetti to stay on your partner's face with your splooge glue.
The other day while Joe and I were ramming I got a Surprise Birthday Party !
by B.Malones February 10, 2008
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A kind of illicit event, usually involving drugs, alcohol and sexual depravity.
"So I went into the backroom of this bar and there was a girl, a german shepherd, a towel on the floor and a guy undoing his belt. Then the barmaid handed me a glass of absinthe and that's when I knew I'd been invited to a belgian birthday party."
by Stovaa May 23, 2018
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A train of anal sexing. Usually occurring on ones birthday.
We gave Laura a Brazilian birthday party last night, she loved it.
by Band of bros December 22, 2013
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When you want to throw your friend a surprise party but it ends up just being you, your friend, and a rat sitting around the kitchen table eating cake.
I wanted to throw Alex a surprise party but I don't know any of his friends so I'm afraid it will just turn out to be a rat birthday party.
by Rat Ashton December 30, 2016
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when you take a shit in your buddy's mouth and then he gives you a blowjob
Hey Brian, I know it's your birthday today so after work let me throw you a Sacramento Birthday Party
by Gambino's Schling Schlong September 27, 2017
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