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Not necessarily someone who hasn't had sex before, but someone who doesn't go out of there house/room often.
I invited Luke to the party last week but instead of showing up he stayed at home playing fortnite, what a birgin.
by thommehh October 26, 2018
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An intelligent, beautiful, supermodel, whose talents are endless. These girls get whatever they want. Only the most beautiful, intellectual, witty, outgoing person could possibly be thought of as a birgin. Birgins can also be associated with the word 'FAO', which means, 'fucking ass off'. An abbreviation for 'LMFAO' which means 'laughing my fucking ass off.'
Nick: Oh, did you see those chicks last night? Demi and Chelsea, I think their names were. FUCKING BIRGINS!! I wanted to ask for their numbers but they were too...INCREDIBLE.
by Milay Jedi May 13, 2010
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A birgin is the ultimate loser has never talked to a girl and has a bird chest. They may also do high rep curls with 5lbs. Because of there gross looks and SHIT self esteem they resort to bestiality as a substitute for there psychological lack of confidence to talk to any woman even fat women.
thegreatkhali from is a huge BIRGIN
by eshamed August 12, 2006
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A troll, otherwise known as a faggot. Has no life and posts on forums all day/night. Commonly known as Bpp a member on That douche bag has no life and thinks raping women and being some dumbass clown is funny.
That bpp guy is a real fuck faced birgin.
by BC_2005 August 19, 2006
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A birgin is otherwise known as a troll. He is a virgin and has a little bird chest cause he never works out. He does nothing but try and act tough on message boards because he is a virgin, has a small bird chest and lives in his mothers basement. He has no life but trolling message boards.

Eshamed51 from photochopz is nothing but a lonely loser birgin
by One Eye Willy August 31, 2006
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a butthole virgin. one who has yet to have sex in the butt.
Sally's no virgin, but she claims to be holding onto her birginity until marriage.
by birgin April 03, 2007
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a person who has decided to become a born again virgin
She has decided to become a birgin
by JamesS August 12, 2005
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