Racial slur used to refer to Indians. It's like the n-word for Indians.
That Indian IRS scammer from Tiruchirapelli took my money. What a Bintu!
by Chittappan Kalyanasundaram August 28, 2019
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1)A girl who is awesome and smart
2) Someone who is amazing
3)A great and fantastic person
You are so Bintu!
by khizpe March 23, 2011
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A girl who is very intelligent. She comes with her trust issues and might be a weirdo but, she is a freak. She will mess with you and play hard to get. Success and being wealthy is her goal in life. You would want to be friends with this smart,freaky,seductive,gorgeous female.
Have you heard of Bintu? She is the one you need to go see!
by Qwerty234 September 8, 2020
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Creative smart has a great sense of fashion

Trust people quickly
Loves music

Is realistic
U are so Bintu
by Queen Bish November 18, 2017
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Hey you see I Was at bintu house real quite, here they come, with the words they read
by FavouriteTEACHER May 6, 2020
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Either he's fukin gay or he's a fukin player
Madddd that guy's a bintu
by Ggarcha   ‍    December 6, 2018
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