The G.O.A.T himself. When god decides to come down to earth he becomes Binit . No one can compare. He is an eternal being.
Omg Binit is so amazing
by Thesaucegod September 17, 2018
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smoeone who trys to front;a bitch;someone you dont like
yous a binite!
by lil treezy March 13, 2003
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Someone you are jealous of because they are super cute or beautiful
That girl right there, yea that binite, damn she make me MAD!
by Priyanka June 1, 2005
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anything of interest, that happens to be going your way. out of ordinary great. derived from that's straight business, evolved to straight biness, straight up binit
this cd is straight up binit. those rims are straight up binit.
by bmfnc May 6, 2005
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That one friend in the group with the most sucidal joke library. He pop in the conversation and would straight go to the conclusion of dieing.
Smells like we have a Binit in the group.
by magiccasterfk November 23, 2021
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Binit ~ Refering to a person with charateristics of Autism and traits of chimpanzees or Monkey like behaviour.
He is like binit

He is binit
She is so binit
by Dictation Speller September 16, 2023
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