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The hanging fat that swings from an obese womans upper arms when they are raised and shaken while shouting "Bingo!" during a tournament.
"Check out the bingo wings on fat ass over there".
by A Big Fat Jerk August 24, 2006
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Loose, flabby upper-arm flesh of (usually) fat women in cap-sleeved rayon blouses who attend bingo halls. Bingo wing development can be accelerated by consuming vast quantities of C.Cola and burgers. See also bingo flaps, though my def has more 'ring' to it!
Check the bingo wing on that! If she flapped those arms, she'd take off!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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The extra flabs of skin that large people have under their arms and when they scream out bingo they wave their arms. The "Bingowngs" flap away.
Silvia was so excited about winning, that her bingowings almost flapped out of the t-shirt
by Sassr May 29, 2006
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Fat on upper arms, especially common in older women.
A version of a popular song is : ''Loosen up my bingo wings..''
Our maths teacher's bingo wings are so big that she wipes the board with them when she's writing on it!
by Bev! November 02, 2006
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Loose musculature and skin on the back of the upper arms, especially apparent in older women raising their arms for some reason, such as to shout "bingo!"
"The bingo wings were flapping. I think I blew the age curve at that party."
by Bel Murru August 05, 2007
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the flabby fatty skin which hangs down between ones elbow and shoulder. most obvious examples are older women who have not learnt that holding a feltip pen at a bingo hall does not constitute exercise.
-i fucking love your bingo wings you sexy little minx.
-but i am 58 and you are only 19.
-i know but i have a fetish for biting unnecessary skin.
-well perhaps we should go somewhere more private.
-or not i was fucking with you, you dirty old bitch go and get some fucking exercise try picking up your teenage daughters 5 children by the hair repeatedly, or try slapping your teenage daughter repeatedly whilst continuingly shouting "you are a worthless drain on society".
by gallipoli December 12, 2004
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