Codeword Toni and Reuben use meaning "keen for anal tonight fam?"
Reuben: "Hey Toni Bing Bong"
Toni: "Yes pls"
by Nathan Shieeeet January 18, 2017
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Exclamatory phrase used in response to seeing somebody do or say something that is ridiculously homosexual.
Chris: Wow. Look at those guys skipping in the park singing 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'!
by FrankTank March 04, 2005
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1. The momentary loss of all faculties resulting in some minor catastrophy such as dropping a box of fried chicken into your toilet or repeatedly pressing the refresh button on a credit card payment page for something hideously expensive like plane tickets or a luxury car, thus bankrupting yourself.
2. Someone for whom common sense and the ability to function in the corporeal world is a sad and distant dream.
3. The mental state of someone who has been sectioned and imbibed their own weight in lithium supplements.
1. Woman: omg I just totally left my baby in the stroller on top of the car at that service station three exits ago
Husband: you really are a total ****ing Bing Bong brain you know that?

2. Student 1: Dude I just totally Bing Bonged that exam.. I wrote that America was discovered by the Count of Monte Cristo
Student 2: You shouldnt have taken that whole box of lithium this morning...
by Mr boogiewoogie December 28, 2010
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Anal Sex. Giving it to someone up the used food tube.
That bitch loved bing bong.

I bing bonged her all night.
by Louise Manwhore March 24, 2006
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the noise made by a motion sensor attached to doorways of various businesses to notify the employees someone has just entered the place of business (either to get their attention to assist customer or for security reasons). Often seen at dry cleaners
Family Guy episode shows Peter Griffen walking into a dry cleaners and upon entering the noise "bing bong" was made by door sensor. After annoying the owner of the dry cleaners by waving hand in front of the sensor just to hear constant "bing bongs," owner of the cleaners finally yells angrily "NO MORE BING-BONG!"
by sewdonim June 02, 2011
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