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To turn raw meat (usually Beef or Game) into the South African spiced, air dried meat snack known as Biltong .
Biltong was developed by the Dutch Voortrekkers ("first movers") as way to preserve meat on their journey up the African Continent which started in the 1820's. Biltong derives from the Dutch words "Bil" meaning buttock (Rump) and "Tong" meaning strip.
Today Biltong is considered a delicacy and a great, high protein low carbohydrate snack, which is made and consumed around the world.
I just bought a 10 pounds of steak which I am going to Biltonate for us to enjoy on our camping trip.
My new Biltonator will Biltonate meat in just 48 hours.
by CapCoco November 10, 2009
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