An opened cool beverage (usually alcoholic) that has been allowed to increase in temperature beyond that of room ambiance. This is usually a result of nursing the drink and holding it for to long.
You've nursed that beer for so long now... It's a billy beer... it's billied
by Billy Beer October 3, 2014
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This name has been traced to both English and German origins, meaning both 'strong willed' and 'determined protector'. This is extremely fitting as a Billie will be the fiercest friend you will ever have.
by Laddddd August 24, 2014
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Billie is a really funny, sexy girl. Usually has brown or blonde hair. Has an amazing personality. Big boobs. Extremely gorgeous! Has freckles and usually blue eyes. Billie is very popular and has very many friends who love her. Billie likes to be the center of all attention. Has a nice ass! She is usually short. Billie keeps everyone smiling even at bad times. She loves to joke around and will spend hours talking to you! Billie is very loving and caring and has a big heart. She is really crazy and you would think she was on crack if you didn't really know her! But you may want to watch out.... Billie is also a heart-breaker.. But only because she has had her heart broken too many times. Other than that she will make an amazing girlfriend. She is a really good kisser. She is also very sensitive and easily hurt. She is very smart and has a big imagination. She also has a very dirty mind and will make you unconformable at times.
Michael: Have you met Billie?
Zach: Yes! Billie is beautiful!
Cody: Who is Billie?
Kevin: Billie is the most caring and loving chick ever!
by SBRM6699 April 4, 2013
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Billie is a lovely, outgoing person. She is always happy and can put a smile on anyone's face. She will always listen and will always be a shoulder to cry on. Billie is very fun and crazy and likes to drink. She can be very sensitive and can get angry easily, however she is a great person to be around. She is the bestest friend anyone could ask for and she will always have her arms open for you if you need her. She has a beautiful smile and is the prettiest person i know. Her figure and style is to die for. Everyone is jealous of her and love her. She is hilariously funny and her laugh is the funniest.
P.S she has a massive bum.
bum billie
by lou123456 October 1, 2013
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When you come out the womb, what a name to be called! Billy. He's a funny cunt and enjoys only three things in life Breakfast, Dinner & Tea. Top geezer with a semi-decent heart! Doesn't take anyones shit and has very large muscles.
*Slips out of the womb*
Dad: Jheeezeeeee Look at the muscles on him! He's gonna be a unit.
Mum: Let's Call him Billy!
by Billy is great November 7, 2019
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