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Nick name for Billy..

Merge of the words: Billy and Dildo...

I love Bildo. I use him when i'm horny.
by Smokey September 12, 2003
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A bildo is an anal dildo. Sometimes referred to as a bulldo/buldo. Known within many gay communities as a billy (slang).
Josh loves to bully himself around with "Andy" his favorite bildo. Sophia likes to help me masturbate. She will use a bildo on me while I wrap my fist around my cock and play with my balls. As I get close to coming, she thrusts the bildo harder into my ass. My climax is mind blowing.
by Bildo the Bully January 04, 2008
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To fix something quickly and in most cases incorrectly. (Bildo'd)
You really bildo'd that battery. Buddy fixed a burnt off battery post with a gear clamp. Buy a new battery moron!
by BCC2001 January 07, 2007
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A complete fagget who loves nicks cock and takes dildos up the ass
Man there a bunch of bildos at this party tonight who are gay
by Wes the pimp ass motha September 21, 2003
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Bildo is the name given to a balding guy named bill, because his head looks like a dildo. Bill + dildo = BILDO
BILL is going bald and needs hair treatments, he looks like a BILDO
by 885clinton springs August 31, 2017
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