The Klingon word for "punishment" from a Star Trek board game. Used to issue a challenge of one's tolerance for pain.
"A leader must be tested. Experience Bij!"
by YOLOne December 26, 2012
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A widely known person and practiced religion. Is known to be a wizard and a zombie. Even though he is a zombie he is also a zombie killer. He constantly drops things the day before the Regents and can finish a test in any subject within seconds by waving his Bijwand and saying "BIJAKAZAM" or "ALAKABIJ". With his sorcery he can make you do anything at will. He also is referenced in almost every song ever made. He has a love for Chosen, Subway, and Arnold Palmer's. He is BIJ. He is the most interesting man on the face of the Earth. As BIJ always says "stay Bijie my friends."
"WOW! That's BIJ!"

"All I do is BIJ BIJ BIJ no matta what. Got zombies on my mind, I can never get enough"

"Imma BIJ imma BIJ imma imma imma BIJ"

" 'OMG! Why is there is stab wound in your chest?!'
'BIJ used he's wizard powers to force me to do it' "

" 'Hey man, why did you drop out of the class the day before the Regents?'
'I pulled a BIJ bro' "
by BIJZOMBIEKILLER November 29, 2011
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Gorgeous guy who makes everyone SMILE!!
'Bij you ROCK'
'Bij you make me HAPPY'
by Mez April 26, 2005
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a sweet way to call people "bitch"
A: I can't go to the dinner tonight
B: U promised me, u are such a bij
by Xiao Bij September 08, 2017
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Slang. crystal methamphetamine.
a variation of the term jib
"How much bij did you get?"
by digression September 04, 2005
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Nickname for someone who makes the absolute worst decisions at the absolute worst times, greatly harming himself and others. The acronym "BIJ" is an indirect reference to the "Bad Idea Jeans" recurring skit on Saturday Night Live.
Incredibly, Habsul knocked on his boss's door and immediately shouted the words, "Open the fucking door, douche bag."

Habsul immediately became President and CEO of BIJ, Inc.
by jimmy l.i.t. June 04, 2007
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