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A cat that is very small but very fat. Preferably black and white.
"That's the cutest cat I've ever seen! What's its name?"

by breamworthy August 12, 2009
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piglet from winnie the pooh was dope, but a biglet ain't the same shit. a biglet is a mofo with a fat ass and a limited vocabulary. when u decide to talk to that fuck face, and he gives you that blank, "i'm a stupid fuck animal" stare, you KNOW you gots a Biglet.
we was talking to big ben, and he was being all up in our faces and talking shit bout our ages and our reputation. That biglet better watch himself on the boat, yo.
by winnie "we da shit" August 04, 2008
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The bigoted and/or racist children of racists and bigots.
The reactionary preacher and his wife had a herd of little biglets to help spread the hate.
by Peaceful_Idiot February 24, 2011
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