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Verb: When an asshole steals from, intimidates, beats or copies someone for their own personal gain.

You can Suge Knight or be Suge Knighted.
"I will Suge Knight yo' ass, bitch!"

"Tom Suge Knighted Dan's girlfriends virginity!"

"Cara Suge Knighted Nicole's wallet!"

"Did you Suge Knight my idea?"
by HarveyPicklePoo October 09, 2011
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Man who killed tupac and made millions off his death.
and now he tryin to kill snoop.
Suge Knight deserves to die!
by Tragik November 26, 2003
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killed pac, cheated him out of millions. got locked up, came out and signed kurupt. nobody likes him.
suge shot me-makaveli-7 day theory
by makavelikilluminatishottigotti December 21, 2004
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