Verb: When an asshole steals from, intimidates, beats or copies someone for their own personal gain.

You can Suge Knight or be Suge Knighted.
"I will Suge Knight yo' ass, bitch!"

"Tom Suge Knighted Dan's girlfriends virginity!"

"Cara Suge Knighted Nicole's wallet!"

"Did you Suge Knight my idea?"
by HarveyPicklePoo October 9, 2011
A fatass faggot who killed one of the greatest rappers in history, Tupac Shakur(2pac). I hope somebody slits his throat.
That faggot Suge Knight has got to die and burn in hell.
by 2pac rulez March 21, 2009
Suge thought it was fuckin funny to give eazy aids, while many people believe he injected the O.G with aids it is a long running conspiracy that the faggot shoved Eazy-E’s dick up his ass when E was unconscious
Suge Knight, the murderer of the 3 greatest rappers
This fucking faggot killed Eazy, Tupac and Biggie
by Dre da biatch October 24, 2018
A copycat fake Uncle Phil wannabe hit man record producer mainly known for producing the worst and biggest deaths in hip-hop history.
That fat man is not just a Knight and armor, he’s Suge Knight!
by Zero2infinity January 26, 2019
Verb. Run over by a truck.
Went to get a juicy burger in Compton the other day. Saw some dude get Suge Knighted right in the drive thru.
by motor( . )( . )boat March 24, 2015