The act of throwing one's weight around and exercising real or imagined authority in a situation that doesn't require it.
1. We were having a good time on the night shift until the assistant manager came in and started bigdogging the room.

2. You aren't a moderator, so stop trying to bigdog this thread!
by WhatIPaidForIt May 10, 2011
to replace a guys name,
what you call a person whos name you forgot, a friend, a homebro, a co-worker, an acquaintance, a stranger
Nice to meet you BIGDOG.
Hey BIGDOG, can i bum a cigarette?

dring a beer like a BIGDOG can,
if you can't drink a beer like a BIGDOG can?
you shouldn't have the beer in your mother fucken hand!

by AlbeatU September 10, 2006
The act of choosing to spend time with one's girlfriend because they're pussywhipped, instead of spending that time with longtime close friends.
I thought Warner was going to do something cool this time, but it turned out he was just bigdogging us again.
by Chuckie T January 14, 2004
When you dog the boys at soccer because your mrs wants to go out.
Beau bigdogging the boys again by staying at home watching his son so is mrs can go out
by Donks26 June 13, 2019