The worst insult ever, it's even worse than the legendary "I'm not gonna let you play with my legos"
Bobby: "Haha suck dick billy"
Billy: "you're a big meanie"
Bobby: *fucking disintegrates*
by Chad Bob August 9, 2020
a purposely hurtful jerk!
Eve; Adam, stop being such a big meanie by telling Cain he's not your child, and that you just found him roaming around the garden!
by Paul J Parkinson April 25, 2005
People who are really really mean and they have faces that are big and full of meany bigness faces.
Ivy and Kiersten are really big meany faces for being mean to Joey!
by IncendiaBurn December 12, 2009
Someone who's fat or very over weight and mean. Mostly a meme through out a school. Generally cooked by memerscult. #cultgang
"Look at that Chach, Calvin, he's a big fat meanie
by Memerscult CEO November 8, 2017
a childish way to call someone mean.
the kids on the playground were calling each other big stupid meany heads.
by Lisa_Marie May 28, 2008