when you see a bick ass cock and your like dayum, that mutherfucker got a big ass dick i wish i could suck that shit until it creams in my butt all night.
Hey bro you have a big ass dick, i bet you could tear my ass apart with that thing.
by AKSAFFARI January 11, 2009
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The term b.a.d.s refers to a person having a preferably large penis.

Damn I have a big ass dick swangers.

Hey, aren't you part of the b.a.d.s crew?
by johnson l October 17, 2006
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Refers to a exceptionally large penis, weighing between 5-10lbs. Most commonly found on African Americans but occasionly on caucasians, but never Asians.
Yo dat nigga got a Big Ass Gorilla Donkey Dick!
by Evan Boy February 3, 2009
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