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A dude named Phil with a big ass dick, usually you need to get through a sea of whores to even get a glimpse of his girthy lovestick
Guy 1: yo at the party last night I almost saw Big Phil

Guy 2: no way, how many women were there?

Big Phil: about eleventy-one
by Big Phil October 03, 2018
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A dickheadhead teacher whos head so far up his fucking arse he might as well be wearing it as a hat. Prick of a guy whos bum licked by miss fucking Findlay who looks like a proxy.
by Dufbugbm January 12, 2019
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A name given to someone called Phil who has a small penis. Big is a way of making them feel better about themselves and saves them from having to buy an Audi convertible to make them feel more manly about their tiny crown jewels.
by mattboils12the May 01, 2018
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