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Ones nick name for the person with the name Pedro
aka paco pacho
yo pacho STFU and pass the blunt before it goes out ho
by BEENIE KNOWS OHHHHHH March 05, 2008
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1. The name of the greatest freaking brother anybody could possibly have. Is younger than you, stronger than you, eats more than you, and can beat you in a game of Super Smash Brothers and Mario Tennis.

2. The name created when trying to make up a Spanish child's name. Failed combination of Pancho, Paco, and Nacho. Nicknamed "Pachito," meaning Little Pacho.
by Charles Knickerbockers March 24, 2009
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Pronunciation pah-cho - noun

A less offensive alternative name for the female genitalia used most commonly in casual non-sexual conversation.


1920-30; Central America
Sometimes when I would go to the bathroom after my mother all I could smell is her stinky pacho, I'm still in therapy twenty years later.
by Allen Smithy June 18, 2009
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