This phrase is used to describe a person with unnaturally large lips, that resemble hot dogs.

It can also be funny to put it into sentences...
''Oi! Big Massive! come over here!''

''Look at that BIG MASSIVE... fence.''
by Gillian Brandt January 14, 2007
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This means big up the boys if you all in a crowd you all shout big up the massive and everyone knows that you have arrived to the party
by misterrrjosh November 18, 2019
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Most cancerous YouTuber on earth, known as Ricegum. Worse than Keemstar. He has a more cancerous fanbase than: Syndicate, TMarTN, Keemstar, Any prank channel, any Minecrafter, any Reactioner, any Drama channel, any Call of Duty Dickrider like Ali-A, and even every YouTuber.
Look at that big massive shit, always flexing on everyone and finding the most pathetic excuses to cause drama in order to get views.
by RceGumSks March 28, 2018
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