One who does everything essentially well and kicks ass in all his activities. Also doesn't take crap from anyone.
Look at him go. He's going crazy like the big dawg he is.
by Monki May 02, 2004
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Someone who has made the big time, usually wearing a suit. Someone people get out of their way for.
"Did ya hear JB is a big dawg. Nuff said."
by bizzlefrizzle123 October 13, 2014
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1, One who shows immense ability and general unbelievable creativeness in all they do.

2, An affectionate term used to describe someone of immense emotional and sentimental regard, who is also utterly brilliant in everything they do.
"YO! it's the BIG DAWG!!!"

"Hey! don't mess with James! he is the BIG DAWG!"

"You should never be annoyed with the BIG DAWG!"
by James Mason June 08, 2007
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Noun:/A mythical creature of extreme drinking capability as well as many other powers. Some nations believe he is a sort of god.
We told the kids the story of the Big Dawg and they couldnt sleep for weeks.
by Jefferson Steelflex 401 July 21, 2013
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a self- proclaimed nick name given to ones self in order to make up for lack of personality, strength, and most of all penis size. Also a person who has gay tendencies.
you're such a big dawg... i wish i knew your existence was this pathetic when i started hanging out with u
by non big dawg September 17, 2012
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A group of cowardly, neutered dogs with pink weeners.
The big dawgs got their asses rocked by the amazing Meat Cleavers and then ran away like gay little puppies.
by Ian Cowhey and Co. February 27, 2004
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drink that contains a mixture of sprite and vodka (mostly vodka) made popular by susquehanna university quarterback Rich Palazzi. It is a staple on the weekends for su students and helps them in acheived a high standard of whiteboywastedness.
damn i cant believe that kid just chugged some of that big dawg juice, he is so whiteboywasted right now!
by bigdawg17 May 13, 2011
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