having a extreme sized penis with a enourmous "dick head"
i put ma' big beef all up in her butthole and made her scream " daassz that dzaddy dzick"
by JuniorxManin February 19, 2009
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The iconic, yet tasty burger from hit show American Dad. The Big Bleef Blopper is a fast food item. Meg from Family guy loves to eat semen on her Big Beef Blopper.
Megan went to RB Burger Shack for her favorite afternoon pick me up, a dripping Big Beef Blopper!
by SluttyPoultry420 March 30, 2023
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An extremely white person, who also has slight autism. Usually someone who likes big fat chunky chicks.
Adam Lamb - Hey who are you?
Ethan Wilkin (Also known as Big Batty Beef) - Hey I'm white beef and I have autism, also im taking a fat pig to formal.
by Ethan Wilkin March 10, 2021
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When a girls vagina is so loose it sags and claps
Jane must have big ass beef curtains
by bratchant May 21, 2015
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Roast beef on a bun.

Also, an insult, compliment or child's name.
I want some big nigger beef buns.

Your are a big nigger beef bun.

Hey Big Nigger Beef Bun.
by Fuckafuck September 30, 2006
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The act of a Tennessee tractor pull mixed with an Arabian desert sandstorm, leaving the sexual receiver in coma or unconscious state
Last night rob “big beefed” Joey so hard heffe had to drive Joey to the hospital, he was unconscious!
by Father McKinley February 1, 2021
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Someone who is cocky and thinks they know everything. A big beef person walks around like they own the room yet has nobody’s respect. Bonus points if they take up space.
Guy 1: “Justin is so annoying, he drives a hummer and acts like everyone is obsessed with him, he also always feels the need to correct me”.
Guy 2: “Yea dont’t worry about him, he is just being big beef”.
by Tara Azi. September 30, 2023
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