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Alternative term for spliff, along with joint and doobie.

Weed rolled in a king skin or single skin, can be coupled with tobacco.
Dude, Im so high, want another Bifty??

Thats some amazing Bifty.
by NuclearMeercat June 16, 2009
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Plural for Spliff, Joint, Doobie or Reefer. (Not used for blunt). Singular Bifty or Biftie (not really used singularly).
Spark up those bifties.
I need some bifties tonight.
by bifties April 12, 2013
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A person attempting to give off the air of a member of the upper classes, when it's known by all in the vicinity that you are in fact just the same as your fellow man.
Jamie, why are you wearing a wax jacket and carrying a shotgun, we're at a football match. You fucking bifty.
by Bifty McBifBif November 26, 2010
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