Pronunciation: \'bīd\
Function: adjective
Etymology: South Floridian

1. Excelling all others
2. Commonly liked or approved
3. Archaic: frequently bought

Bidest (superlative of bide)
1. "We's am the bidest bitches!"

2. "I said it was bide." (Credited to the cashier attendant at Tipsee Liquors, in reference to an apparently very popular bottle of vodka)
by Eurekra April 22, 2009
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A Pokémon Move that Screws People Over.
The Pokémon Team got screwed over by this dumb move Bide.
by Skelly Jelly September 27, 2019
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1.To anticipate and wait your time either to retaliate or until the time is right.

2. A pokemon attack that stores energy for 2 turns and retaliates twice as much damage taken in. The energy is released on the foe, it fails if the user wasn't harmed physically by any attacks (except special moves).
1. "He bided his time to get revenge."

2. "My seedot knows Bide!"
by Webster Doogeddon November 19, 2010
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Making a joke/fun of someone or something
Yo why are yall biding on my manz
by charthestar April 4, 2020
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Scottish Gaelic for "bitch". Directly translated, it means "dog girl", but the point still goes home.
Girl one: So, my boyfriend just broke up with me.
Girl two: Yeah i know, I was the one who told him to... we've been secretly having sex for the last eight months.
Girl one: (walks off) Bides!
by 04music21 November 19, 2011
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A man who drinks multiple pints before a party and was cooking in a two Michelin star restaurant at the dear age of 11
Mate I’m so amazing. I’m a will bide
by jezzacrit July 10, 2018
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