A 15 year old who got famous at age 13 on Dr.Phil for stealing, and getting into fighs and running away. People think she so bad, so mean but she did it all for her mom. Her mom is the most important person in her lifex though she wont admit it.

dannielle bregoli cash me ousside howbah dah cash me outside how bout that
by fufubae February 17, 2019
Some stupid ass teenager who has no job and relies on her old stupid meme to pay her bills.
Bhad Bhabie is a nobody.
by uarefads June 4, 2021
a 14 year old piece of white-trash who got clout for disrespecting her mom and dr. phill. she is always seen yelling, laughing like a hyena, or lip syncing with her boobs out. besides all this she has some banger songs.
by xanarchy💔 December 3, 2017
An amazing and gorgeous woman. Bhad Bhabie is an amazing prefomer and makes bomb ass music. She also is a funny ass girl.
Do you fuck with Bhad Bhabie?
Fuck yes I love that bich
by Bhaddestbich July 4, 2018
Danielle Bregoli, born on March 26 2003, is a rapper who became famous on the Dr. Phil show with her catch phrase "Cash me ousside, howbow dah". She is a fairly hated rapper, because people say she's famous for only being hateful and rude to her mother. People also say her music sucks, and that she's a white girl who's trying too hard to be black. She's the type of person who couldn't care less about what people say about her, which is true.
But why would people hate Bhad Bhabie? She's really changed and she's also nice to people.
by lele2328 November 24, 2019
a racist white girl who tries to"talk black" and walks around thinkin' she's all that.
friend 1: why u acting like woah vicky

friend 2: i'd rather be bhad bhabie, cause at least she don't use some fake site to try to fit in with black people
by maekaelaygi rl April 1, 2020