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1. A solution when you are confused.

2. Like a move that takes balls or guts; bewls can be substituted as a "bewlsy move" or a "move that takes bewls".

3. An expression of happiness.

4. Something to be said at a time of synchronous happiness with another person at the same subject.

5. A synonym for the expression "oh well", when you don't care about or give up on something temporarily.

6. Bewls is bewls

7. A substitute for balls but not commonly used. ("that sucks bewls")

- Hey did you do your history homework?
- Bewls

-You are acting stupid.
by bewlsmando April 25, 2010
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Affectionate term for a friend/aquaintance

Noun -

Bewls (used similarly to mate, pal, buddy, or anything you cannot remember the name for)

Bewlah - more commonly used in the 3rd person or when celebrating

Adjective - Bewlahed (drunk)

Commonly used amongst the ocean swimming community who drink too many cocktails in Fiji
"Hey Bewls! Howsit going?"
"Bewlah!! I just smashed my 400m PB"
"Hey Bewls, how did you get so Bewlahed last night?! Were you on those Fijian iced teas again?"
by LadyBewlah January 16, 2012
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