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A shortened form of the surname Beukema. The Beukema ancestry is a long and legendary tale, filled with courage and bravery. The name originated from the 3 fathers of awesomeness - Beukema, Buikema and Boijkema. As the tale goes, the forefathers underwent a falling out so to speak, and engaged in a lengthy battle. Those who fought for Beukema...prevailed. Today - there are many descendents of the Beukema chain, who give off that very same aura of prestige and happiness. As awesomeness lived on through the Beukema family, the world became more modernized. And thus...Beuks was born.Many believe that the term Beuks is randomly shouted out at times of peak performance - a sort of battle cry in memory of the Beukema warriors.Others believe that the term merely brings joy to the world when there is no joy to be found. There is no one perfect way to explain the legend of the Beuks, but the name lives on in the hearts of those who believe, and the world around it continues to prosper from those who do not.
Socrates: Did you hear? Another Beukema was born!
Plato: Seriously? The legacy continues!
Locke: Finally, a reason to continue living...
Aristotle: I feel so happy! I...I...BEUKS!!!
by EhrichWeiss March 03, 2009
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A word that is yelled out at random when someone is feeling particularly jolly or boisterous
Pronunciation: (Rhymes with Pukes/B-Yooks)
Steve: I just drank a 40 of Canadian Club Whiskey, then ran down the hall naked singing Ben Folds!
Chris: BEUKS!!!
by WhiskeyMan October 12, 2008
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A fascist right-wing twat who posts his pro-Bush and neocon ideals all over the Current Events & Serious Discussions forum of

Also a term for people who get banned/flunk out from Westpoint Military Academy for their homosexual tendancies.
Typical Beuking it up..

Who cares if we carpet bomb a few thousand children, they were probably Al Queda or future terrorists anyway!!
by CrazedCanuck August 10, 2005
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