French word created by reversing the first and last syllable of the word tom-ber. Slang style popularised by the cult song "Laisse beton" ... or "Let it slide".
by JM August 03, 2003
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When a person performs a Joseph Beton, it is said that they open up there anus and stuff as many cakes down it as possible!
Drury: "I eat iced buns in one bite."
Joseph Beton: "I eat iced buns through my arse because i'm so fucking fat."
by A_Warrenist October 22, 2010
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An Erasmus way to prevent sb making meaningless sex with sb ( frensh expression)
Tonight constuction de Beton in your door.You will not let anybody get inside!!
by PISA February 09, 2005
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