The most caring guy you will ever meet. He will never belittle you or leave you behind. He is always noticed but never trys to stand out in anyway. He is beautiful in anyway possible.
Erasmus. "You can take that 'XD' and shove it up your ass."
by Thatleprechaun February 14, 2021
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The most retarded people of one nation going on a paid party vacation to a hosting country to only work 1 hour a week and try to get laid the rest.
Erasmus people are only in the way of my learning.
by Angrystudentskii January 16, 2017
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One of the coolest surnames to have since Desidirus shared it AND you have a University named after it. However, only the most unique combinations of confused individuals get to keep it.
Dude: So tell me a bit abt yourself?!

Dudette: Dad is Indian, Mom is Maldivian, Dad is Xtian, Mom is Muslim. Great grandfather is Hindu, Great grandmother is Dutch.

Dude: You're such an Erasmus!
by AlphaRebel February 4, 2010
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someone who constantly asks to be a plus one to any social event.
He won't stop asking me to plus one him to the party! He's such an Erasmus!
by ttshak March 23, 2018
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A programme throughout Europe for students living abroad for either one or two semesters. It's goal is to improve the students langauge and expose them to a foreign language

Erasmus Life is a new way of living and seeing the world

Many people go on erasmus to Dublin, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Holland and Spain. It's a great opportunity to improve your language and of course - party
"Man, I was living the erasmus life in Dublin, Ireland last year"
"Yeah, I hear its amazing"
"You should check out and join that site. It's great for erasmus students"
by myinternationallife March 18, 2010
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