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Mighty ruler. Wide spread thinker. someone you dont want to piss off. master at advice pain revenge and tactful sceams.DARk and mystical but worships GOD.
He is Azem.
by DA truth June 30, 2004
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The name of an Albanian and the most interesting guy youll know. Azem is outgoing and can become friends with almost anyone. He's self-sufficient but puts his family and friends before himself. His main flaws are his taste in sauce and his patience. Very adventurous but also loves video games and is lowkey a redneck. His emotional communication isn't good, it's always hard to tell if he's mad or joking even though he claims he's always kidding. He's very attractive and can rock a man bun or a shaved head. He's also a workaholic which can be good and bad. Azem is someone you want to keep an eye on.
Azem? He's probably at work.
by jsnsi June 30, 2017
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People Named Azem are the type of people to act fake rich. They act like they live in a mansion and that they have a lambo but they really live in apartments
My boy azem tries to flex on me by telling me he has a lambo, but he never shows it
by fuckyogirl127 October 31, 2017
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