The non Alpha Male who hovers (or orbits) around and pedestalizes women in hopes they can get their foot in the door and get chosen or laid.
That guy is always cheesing in women's faces and "liking" their Facebook posts...such a typical Beta Orbiter.
by PedatEbediyah February 2, 2015
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A beta male who stays within a close proximity of a female or females in hopes of eventually getting lucky. The Beta Orbiter's tactic is to befriend a female, and proceed give her constant attention via text message or in social gatherings. She keeps them in the friend zone, but a beta orbiter falsely believes he is making progress. He may often trash talk other man she tries to date, claiming that she "deserves better".

Beta Orbiters or men who are cucked up, find themselves befriending women who most likely have daddy issues.
"I know she look fire bro, but you don't want none of that, she surrounds herself with Beta Orbiters at every party. "
by straightupdrunk July 28, 2022
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A man a woman keeps around for platonic favors and services as well as for attention. He usually sticks around in the hope he'll some day get with her.
= Who's that guy, is he her boyfriend?

– Nah he's just some whiteknight beta orbiter -- he follows her on Facebook, and now he came to pick her up.
by SomewhereElse December 11, 2016
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An aspiring Alpha Male who hovers (or orbits) around around or follows as self proclaimed Alpha Male influencer.
That guy is such a beta male orbiter, worshiping those online alpha influencers and buying their merch because he thinks it will actually help him get laid.
by MeanKittyUltra February 2, 2023
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