Two or more friends who are close enough to refer to on and other in derogatory terms with out having a fight.
Ex: Danielle and Lizzie are my Best Bitches
by sarabeara6393 January 2, 2012
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This word basically describes all classic best friendships. You can get this phrase split between 2 phone cases. It will become Be Bit and St Ches. They are both awesome choices but Be Bit is way better.
Person 1: Are we best bitches?

Person 2: YAASSSS

Person 1: I'm Be Bit.

Person 2: Boo please.
by #bebit4life June 19, 2014
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Two at heart blonds who love to smoke and drink and just have an all out good time, they are very out going and loving, but if you try to get between them it will be the last thing you will ever do
Best friends that are so much alike that they call each other names like best bitches
by lazybitch889 January 17, 2015
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really snobbing out goin people who are best friends
angie & i are best bitches
by amanda aka baby gurl August 17, 2006
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A best friend...your ride or die. Does anything for you. Takes up for one another fight each other but fight together when another bitch tries to get rowdy with either of us. An inserparable pair. like salt and pepper cant have one without the other. May have different views on alot of things but always sees eye to eye.
My best bitch (bb) and I are down for whatever.
by Bunchee April 22, 2011
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The one bitch that will have your back no matter what. The one who will bet someone up if they break or hurt you. That one person that loves you but can be a ass sometimes
My bitch best friend is the one that is not gonna let you go if you break my heart
by Hi I'm someone February 12, 2021
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like a really good friend
but even better
because it’s a really good bitch
a best bitch
no one can compare
omg do you know tom
yeah he’s my best bitch
by 123steve456 November 23, 2021
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