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I can't even is used by the whitest if white girls. The phrase basically means something the girl can't process due to her lack of knowledge of the world outside of Instagram. Usually followed by the response "Then don't!"
Girl 1: OH MY GOD! They messed up my Starbucks order AGAIN!

Girl 2: Just re-order it then.

Girl 1: I CAN'T EVEN!!

Girl 2: Then don't.
by #bebit4life June 19, 2014
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This word basically describes all classic best friendships. You can get this phrase split between 2 phone cases. It will become Be Bit and St Ches. They are both awesome choices but Be Bit is way better.
Person 1: Are we best bitches?

Person 2: YAASSSS

Person 1: I'm Be Bit.

Person 2: Boo please.
by #bebit4life June 19, 2014
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