When you are deprived of someone you love like one of your family or a close friend of you because of the death.
He went to the bereaved family to console them
by Mohamed Ismael July 16, 2021
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The local metal band in topeka, kansas. involving: Alan leiker, Jesse elder, Trey barr, Andy Fredrickson.

Bros before hoes. With the exception of Megan Leiker, she is a bro.
"Whoah man have you heard Bereave is having a show this weekend, its supposed to be pretty dope man"
by ThetigerInbed February 07, 2010
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Bereavement banging is the act of engaging in sex after the death of a loved one to help ease the pain of grief. Sex feels great and this counteracts the feeling of sadness giving an individual a quick fix and break from reality.
"What's the noise upstairs?"
" Oh that's Latoya and Jemaul bereavement banging upstairs."


"You feeling sad bro?"
"Yeah man"
"Yo go engage in some bereavement banging dude, how about that girl?"
by Avasavalot September 03, 2013
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the process by which consumers react emotionally and behaviorally to the withdrawal of favourite brands.
Oh man they just stopped making my favorite ice-cream

Your suffering from Consumption Bereavement
by Dikc3s October 20, 2009
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The sense of loss or grief someone feels when a series they're binging ends.
When Karen was done binge watching Shameless, she felt Binge Bereavement.
by Mel's World May 17, 2019
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The sense of sadness you feel when you watch the last episode of a series you've been enjoying.
I've watched all episodes of Cobra Kai and now I am suffering from boxset bereavement.
by Chrissie G January 22, 2021
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