Biggest DDoS-ers in Hockey 4v4 Haxball League, 2D physics-based multiplayer soccer game. They call them 'Bosnian Tigers' or 'DDoS Tigers' also.
Damn, we're playing against Bengal Tigers tonight. I will get my internet back tomorrow probably.
We can play without gk against Bengal Tigers tonight Xaroth gonna hit the post anyways.
by fearlesstiger November 29, 2020
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A sexual act performed by a brown male on a white female when the brown male says "Hey just give me a moment to freshen up in the bathroom" and then quietly crawls out on all fours after painting his body in stripes... Prowling. Then when the moment is right, the brown male leaps at the white female and surprise-mounts her while roaring and yelling, "I am the tiger. These are my sundarbuns/this is my swamp, and you are my prey" after which he generously sprays the female with his ejaculate
The white grandmother passed away after Raj performed the Bengal Tiger on her.

I heard her screaming from a mile away. She must have got bengal tigered again

She said our relationship was too predictable and mundane, so I decided to surprise her with the Bengal Tiger
by Raj The Tiger January 20, 2019
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oh my god that tiger is so sexy........i want it to fuck meeeeee
by Matt Hill March 31, 2005
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only animal higher close to a chohany in the food chain
the Bengal Tiger met his match when he saw a rival wild chohany in the jungle
by not joey chohany November 26, 2009
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Similar to the urban cougar, however this female is asian.
Friend: Check out that asian woman picking up that young guy!
Jim: She's totally a bengal tiger
by MrDallasMan February 6, 2008
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To have love towards a Bangladeshi or West Bengali guy or girl. Royal Bengal Tiger is the official animal of Bangladesh and the nickname of the national cricket team of Bangladesh.
John: Dude, did you know Russell just hang out with a Bengali girl.
Ron: oh ho. that means he has Bengal tiger fever.
by Sonic Da X March 2, 2011
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