God in-human form, usually spreads light, or blight
1:dude have you seen Bence?
2:You mean god?
by Not Bence September 22, 2020
the cutest, most amazing guy you can ever meet. he gives the best hugs and sweet kisses. he is soft and sensitive. his curls looks like the swirls on vincent van gogh’s starry night. if he is in love with you, he leaves you handwritten love letters. also he has bigbig booty.
friend: why are you smiling?
me: because i’m thinking of my love, Bence.
by tindergirl2019 April 14, 2020
an interesting and intelligent person who only roams the corners of darkness and talks of languages, arts, and science and other such academic phrases
person 1. "hey did you see that Picasso painting?! I love his cubist phase"

person 2. "Dude, it's midnight not cool, you're such a Bence"
by dancer chick February 14, 2009
Bence emboidies everything, yet it is also nothing.
Use it to describe anything, bad or good, it's sure to be Bence.
What is Bence? A better question is, was isn't it?
Example 1
Randomer 1: Did you see that ludicrous display last night?
Randomer 2: What was the manager thinking bringing Chamberlain on that late?! It was so bence.

Example 2:
Randomer 1: Do you like my clothes?
Randomer 2: Yeah! They're well bence!
by BENCEGANGMAST3R July 23, 2012
A person who thinks he is ritch because his mom buys him appel products, even tho he is hella por , and his mom used all her paycheck just so her bence could fell like a ''rich'' boy
omogodd ur not cool just because u have a iphone x , and apple watch and airpods, o my , ur sutch a bence
by christian haugland February 11, 2019
Doesn't exist
Bence apja elment a boltba.
by NotGringo October 27, 2021
An absolute specimen of a human being, the ultimate king. He is the chode of all chodes, some call him King Chodus.
Guy #1 - Woah, that guy is such a chode.
Guy#2 - Yeah, thats Jackson Bence-Collin.
Guy#1 - What a chode!
by Wrangle August 9, 2018