A Psychological Weapon Used By Parents To Persuade Their Children To Be On Their Best Behavior.

Used Primarily Around The Holidays To Encourage Kids To Mind Their Manners And Be Respectful.

A Cultural Technique Used By People From New Bedford Massachusetts Since 1973.
" New England Mother's Need Only One Babysitter, The Belt On The Shelf. "
by Four Horsemen Studio December 28, 2016
When a redneck forgets his/her belt and uses a bungie strap to keep their crack covered.
Jr. was on a job remoldelin a trash trailer, and caught a crack draft. He then went to his truck, straped on a bungie belt, now his crack is free form trash talk.
by wormalnermal March 20, 2010
The act of two lesbians masturbating each other until orgasm is achieved. The first one to climax beats the other with their loved stained belt until they reach orgasm.
"Let's try belt sander racing tonight!"
by soulstillremain October 19, 2013