The Latin word for war.
Bellum contra nos est, amici! Accinge te! (War is upon us, friends! Brace yourselves!)
by Intelligence001 July 26, 2016
The first of two principles contained in the "Just War Theory," Jus Ad Bellum and Jus In Bello. Jus Ad Bellum in Latin means "The Law to War." It defines standards by which a country can declare war and maintain that their reasons were "just." The term was coined in the same era in which the League of Nations originated. However, it was not used in doctrine until the late 1940s. Its principles include a declaration of war must have a just cause, proper authority, right intention, resonable probability of success, and whose ends are proportional to the means.
Under the guildlines of Jus Ad Bellum, France and England had proper cause to declare war on Nazi Germany, who was the obvious aggresser in the second world war.
by Stevo November 11, 2004
Latin for “Laughter and War”, it is Milo Yiannopoulos’s motto encouraging supporters to fight for their rights and values whilst enjoying themselves and laughing at the absurdity of Social Justice Warriors and the Regressive Left more generally.
How do you fight this SJW cancer you ask? Raise merry hell, ladies and gentlemen. Risus et Bellum!
by Proximo Taurus December 2, 2017
Neoliberal Wage-Slavery.
An important facet of the Globalized, Neo-Colonial, Neo-Bellum, Neolobotomized*, Neoliberal Corporation State *Market Dictatorshop* Faschism *MirrorBALL* is old words without new MEANING generated by *Marketing*.

PR and (Huxley's) "Ever more sophisticated and effective methods of mass mind-manipulation ..."

The international labour diaspora thus becomes *upward social mobility* LOL!

*HOME* Is where the MONEY is.
by PartisanZ November 29, 2022