45 definitions by Stevo

When one is extremely happy, or likes something, ie stoked.
Some form of stoked.
"Whoa man, i'm so stoked i hooked that chick, she is FINE."
by Stevo September 10, 2003
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Another word to describe a black person, a.k.a. a nigger.
what is that neglar doin with my tv?
by Stevo December 10, 2004
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a guy whose breath smells like a shithole
hey anus face! shut your hole!
by Stevo November 14, 2003
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To fart extremely loudly, or with an abundance of odor.

Of course this is in reference to the 1945 atom bomb. Can also he used with Hiroshima, depending on mood.
by Stevo February 5, 2005
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Dude, was she a wreck?
Worse, she was a train wreck.
by Stevo August 30, 2003
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"Dude! That is sweet-ass-sweet!"
by Stevo February 1, 2005
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