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A Suburb of Wollongong located right on the beach, over run by druggies, alcoholics and dole bludgers. A casual drive through Bellambi would result in one seeing children running around bare footed, alcohol bottles, remanents of boxes (possibly someone living inside)and approximatley 12 syringes.
1. "I was walking through Bellambi and some fag came up to me asking me for money so he could go buy metho."
by wankstapunksta May 12, 2005
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a town located on the beach in the beautiful city of wollongong
it is known for its good waves and friendly atmosphere
one who were to see it would wish they werent on a computer right now and riding its break

2518 REP
wow, i just got a sweetass barrel at belza beach the other day and it was sick

bellambi is nicee
by JAMESANDREWS2518 September 13, 2008
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