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A religion that girls have,they worship justin bieber like a god and read his biography,the bible they claim bieliber is the fastest growing religion.
Girl:OMjB LieK IzZzZz FoNdS dEs SUnG caLlZzzZ oNe TieMz nD Izz WaZ LieKs WorShipsInG HiMs BeCauSe OfZZz HizZZz GraTnEssS nD alL dEm BoOdIsTs bE hAtiN' CauSe DeY weSheS ThEy WuzzZZz GoD
Me:Woah,I think you need to stop being such a sucky belieber and start worshiping something REAL justin bieber was only around for 17 yrs.
Girl:I ReaD IzZzZ BbiBle anDZz iS saYzzZ h3 WuzZ reBoRn I reaDzzz IzzZzzzZ BbIble xXxxX999999
by Anynomunus May 24, 2011

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