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A girl that is beautiful inside and out and has an amazing personality that fits her flawless sexy beautiful looks. She is a person that you will be lucky to be around and always instantly makes you smile and laugh. her eyes and smile intrigue anyone and she has incredible beauty but she might not know it. her looks fit her personality. she is smart talented and amazing and a great friend to have that always knows how to cheer you up and looks on the bright side of everything. she speaks with kindness and hates arguements. she is also very uniquely beautiful with a lean body.
"Who is that beautiful girl?"
"Her name is Bela"
by 8DH87650 November 24, 2013
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a girl with blue eyes and shes a rabbit and loves to drive tractors
by Mr blob March 01, 2019
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Béla is a common Hungarian Male name. It is pronounced Bay-luh. Most people see it written without the schwa over the "e" and assume it is pronounced Beh-luh. The media has helped this by mispronouncing the following famous Bélas: Béla Lugosi, Béla Karoly, Béla Bartók, Béla Fleck, and Béla Kiss. Bela
by Béla B. October 10, 2008
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Bela is one who is very good at sports and fucks everyone bitch wiff is 15 inch dick
Oh look at that bela he just took my bitch
by Gayboy April 06, 2017
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BELA= being a Jesus who cant type
Jesus was tired and his phone was buzzing a lot so he decided to type but guess what didn’t work that HE WAS BELA
by babysharkdododo November 19, 2018
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