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A name short for Rebekah, A beautiful girl who is smart and funny, and loves to talk, but never anoying. All who know her love her. She is an amazing person!
by BigBangTheory December 21, 2009
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1. A "Bekky" is a girl who is smart but plays dumb. In class, she'll tell you that she's not prepared and hasn't studied, and will inevitably "take an L" but when you get the test results back, she got every single answer right....with all the extra credit too, of course.
2. To "Bekky" someone is to pretend that you have stooped to their level meanwhile, you are excelling and flying high behind the scenes as you wait for an opportunity to rub it in their face.
Her: Girl, I haven't studied at ALL. It's over for me.
You: OMG really?? I feel you, I studied so hard by I still don't get it.
Her: Imma just take this L.

**********TESTS ARE RETURNED*****************
You: How'd you do? I got a 69.
Her: I have no idea how, but I got 106!
You: Wow. You really bekky'd me.
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by Lil Mazda May 20, 2018
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1)Adjective: Describe someone as very slutty
2)Noun: A person who is a slut
3)Verb: β€˜To Bekky’ to be a slut

Other spellings: Bekkky or Becky
Don’t be a Bekky
You’re like a Bekky

You are being as slutty as Bekky
by Ms Monroe May 31, 2018
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