He's the man who unwittingly saved America during the Coronavirus outbreak of 2020.

The show Tiger King, which was about him and his exotic animal zoo in Oklahoma, aired on Netflix at the same time everyone was quarantined with COVID-19.

The show depicts the only thing more batshit crazy in America than the outbreak itself, thus giving Americans a sense of hope and normalcy.

As such, it became the main source of entertainment for many, and a major subject of social media discussions during the shutdown.
Thank you Joe Exotic for saving America!
by Jacaranda March 27, 2020
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One badass mother fucker! Eats tiger pussy 24/7 and has sweaty sex with straight men that have socks on!
Joe Exotic: Fuck Carole Baskin
by Snap-Zurmii13 April 16, 2020
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He saved America during COVID19 by inventing tiger king!
Joe Exotic is the Tiger King
by Kidswillbekids April 14, 2020
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The lead character in the massively popular show known as tiger king. He is a gun slinging, crazy, gay, wild dude. He is awesome.
Man that Joe Exotic is something.
by Bisonlover April 23, 2020
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A complete dumb-ass moron, and a big redneck hillbilly, who thinks he knows how to take care of animals and illegally sold and bred tigers and other big cats. Watch the Netflix documentary and you will know what I mean.
"What is this on Netflix? The Tiger King? What the hell is that? I guess I'll see what it is... Joe Exotic? That's a dumb name!"
A few episodes later..
"This guy is so tacky and dumb! Who names themselves Joe Exotic anyways?"
by BJ Rouge March 26, 2020
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Anyone who is called "Joe Exotic" is a high drama, narcissistic, attention seeking person. This reference is from the Netflix reality hit called "Tiger King".
That dress she's wearing is so "Joe Exotic".

Of course Mike fought with the bartender - he's so "Joe Exotic".
Sheila threw a drink in her mom's face because she's so "Joe Exotic"
by victoriabeyonce March 28, 2020
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