Guy #1: "I heard Glenn has a total beer can."
Guy #2: "Yeah, when I blew him I really had to stretch my mouth."
by Bertha Ventation April 17, 2007
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The unique pattern of intonation produced when an individual of afro-carribean origin annunciates "bacon"
Weeers me beer can?
by Ben, Rob & Tom March 6, 2003
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When a person wakes up covered in beer cans creating a beer can blanket.

Pbluescript jolted awake as the afternoon sun hit his face. A loud crash hurled him out of bed as his makeshift beer can blanket crashed to his soiled bedroom floor.


Like his heart.
by Timtastic October 6, 2007
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Billy Beer a name given to my father by the recycle men (he over heard one rare morning..when he wasnt still pissed out of his brains in bed) on discovering that he had a box FULL of empty beer cans ...and nothing else.
So a 'Billy Beer Cans 'is someone who consumes vast amounts of alcohol and loads their recycle bin up to the max with tennants cans.
Recycle man to another recycle man.. 'omg look how many cans billy beer cans has had this week...the alchy bastard'
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A dick with a girth about the circumference of a beer can.
That dude always brags that he's got a beer can dick.
by CrazyCollegeKid January 4, 2008
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when the areola/nipple is about the size of a beer can or bigger.

-take a beer can
-put on youparters areola/nipplearea
-if its same size or bigger then you got your self some beer can nipples
enjoy.....or not
Stephanie has got some beer can nipples
by Natures_Reject August 9, 2005
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The secret of the universe. All will be understood when the phrase is mentioned.
Sitting around discussing all of life’s problems, someone exclaims “don’t cry in the beer, but you can put the chicken in the water”. Suddenly everyone understands everything. A true ah-ha moment.
by Miss Universe 2020 July 29, 2020
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