A term used to descibe the guards around the Tower of London, where the Crown jewels are kept. These are ceremonial guardians acquired this term from their high protein diet of meats. The guards original duties included looking after the prisoners, but since the Tower of London is a tourist attraction now they act as tour guides.
On my last vist to the Tower of London, I took a picture with a Beefeater.
by UrbanTony February 27, 2010
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Strong London dry gin. Smells like ISO alcohol. An acquired taste.
Last night I took 7 shots of Beefeater before hitting up the dance in a state of total shitface
by NateLa May 27, 2009
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Damn! Did you hear Sara rip that beefeater!
by Louie Vacconi March 31, 2016
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A person who frequently performs the act of cunnilingus.
With a mustache like that, he must be a major beefeater.
by Dr. T Money February 19, 2011
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One who enjoys the act of cunnilingus and willfully disregards excess hair or smell on the beef curtains.
Ralph was ravenous for vagina he didn't care that the pussy wasn't trimmed or washed, he was a Mongolian Beefeater.
by Mongolian Beefeater October 6, 2010
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A hot shot of gin.

Preferably beefeater brand, in a plastic shot cup, microwaved to 100 degrees Celsius/212 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bar patron: “do you have a microwave?”

Bartender: “Why?”

Bar patron: “I’m trying to get a steamrolled beefeater for my brother. It’s his birthday and that’s his favorite drink.”
by Robert Knockout July 21, 2021
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shockingly bad present. see series 2 of i'm alan partridge.
- so what did you get for christmas?
- shit all. load of giant beefeater. you?
- same.
by selmabouvier December 19, 2003
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