A revolutionary Atlanta based dance made popular by the music group, Charlie Boy Gang.

Much like the 'Twist', this is a dance done in crowds or small clusters. Each person can "beef it up" individually in separate directions as long as the beat is kept.

It's almost like a two-step. One foot slightly comes off the ground after the other while swaying side-to-side on the upbeat. Sometimes the knees are bent while swaying to add a subtle bounce. Participants have liberty to do almost anything with the arms as long as the movement is fluent. The dance looks more authentic when simulating manual labor such as mowing a lawn, digging with a shovel, or bringing both knuckles close together slightly below the chest in a rotational motion. Advanced participants often incorporate a brisk stomp on the downbeat.

The trick to this dance is to loosen the hell up. Try not to think about it. Remember you're dancing between the beat. It will naturally come to you if you get the feet movements down first.

Funking it out occurs when the dance progresses to a very advanced level. The dancer is in the zone at this point. It's clear the participant is relaxed and happy, and that's the point of dancing.
Hey I saw you Beef it up at that baby shower yesterday! Where'd you learn how to funk it out like that?
by Scott Dale May 2, 2011
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A dance originating from Scottsdale, Georgia (A Suburb of Atlanta).

Made popular/brought to the mainstream by Charlie Boy Gang
Aye cuh! We goin to da club n gon Beef It Up on dem hoes!
by BernieP May 14, 2011
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After eating that Taco Bell, the bathroom is in trouble as I'm going to beef it up
by JC_1984 August 23, 2017
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a beating caused by " beef " . one on one kinda thing .
i heard he talkin madd shiitt .. tell him we're goin to beef it up in the parking lot .
by bt September 22, 2004
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When a girl farts and it rolls up front through her vagina.
Whoops, I just had a beef roll-up. Next time I'll cross my legs first.
by iandavid April 29, 2011
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Depending on your sexual preference, it is the act of fucking a woman or man with a very stiff penis in the vagina and/or asshole.
I think I'm going to check that hot chick out tonight. She's going to get beefed up. I'm going to give her the potato cock!
by JoeyBomm June 1, 2020
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