A lesser-spotted chav with a large swell head.
Hides in dark alleys and is typically hugely muscular.
Woah check out that Beddow!
He's got a massive swell head!!
by L_Woiiiiiiiii September 21, 2010
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1) Weed cigarette
2) for GameRangerer, it means "Good Night, I must go to bed."
1) I am gonna smoke a beddow.

by Revlys April 06, 2003
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The best guy you could meet, great personality and squeaky clean, he’ll always be the clown of the group and even as an adult still shows his childish side
Bod Beddows is a real nice guy, but he does often show his childish side
by Doodle:) February 13, 2018
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blonde girls wit’s good tits for feeling . often really stupid . they act all inocent but deep down they are horny slags who have sent pictures of the areas to many guys . don’t be fooled though she is gorgeous
look at her

bro she must be ella beddows
by bigchungya January 07, 2020
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