A huge stinky turd. Like the mother of all turds, when you really rip a shit that will make it in turd folklore. Most commonly used with the term: "Rip" i.e "Rip a beazley"
These are usually "ripped" after eating a large amount of food, mainly fast food.
"Holy god, i just ripped the most diabolical beazley ever"

"If i eat all that, im going to have to slaughter the most intense beazley"
by beazley ripper May 9, 2010
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Blowing a zurbert OR a raspberry onto a penis or vagina to make said penis and/or vagina vibrate and produce a loud vibrating sound.
Hello my dear. Lovely day in the park, isn't it? Why don't you come over here and sit on my face and I'll rip a beazley on your labia, darling!
by (PenisJesus) May 22, 2011
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1. An amazing person who doesn't realize or won't accept that they are.

2. A sexy, kind, smart, and thoughtful person.

3. The perfect boyfriend.

4. The guy that any girl would be lucky to have.
"I'm so glad my boyfriend is a Beazley." ;)
by Amberlnn December 14, 2009
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a fat fucker of a man who was born to become a great loser. just think of big kim ;)
that's a bit "beazley" dont you think?
by Zeke the fucking Freak September 10, 2003
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a biology teacher that everyone absolutely loves, she is chill, laid back, calm and still manages to teach biology effectively.
i passed my biology final thanks to Ms. Beazley, i couldn't have done it without her.
by ehs-student January 17, 2023
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