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A very beautiful girls name from the Latin language. Beata means “blessed” “holy” “angelic” and “the bringer of joy”. Girls named Beata are very unique and beautiful on the inside and out, just like there name. A girl named Beata is very rare to find and should be cherished. She has an amazing personality and can make you laugh no matter what in her own unique way. Very creative, beautiful, and intelligent. A Beata is one of the most nice people you will ever meet, she is very kind, loyal, and nice. She is an angel, a blessing sent from above. She will save you.
Beata is angelic.
by horselover4eva<3 October 23, 2008
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-only the guy can drop the beatums on the ladies

-u cant give beatums you only drop them

-no gay sex (DONT USE THE WORD,FAGS)

-girls cannot drop the beatums what so ever

-girls recieve the beatums

-guys drop the beatums
1.Damn Nigga I Just Dropped The Beatums.

2.That Bitch I Told her to bend over and i Dropped The Beatums

3.When you gonna Let me Drop the Beatums
by Mitch And Rob Dogg January 14, 2007
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