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Beata is the most beautifull girl u will ever see and shes marks boyfriend so back off chase. also shes hot as fuck to. shes russian and tought mark how to say hi.
My girl is soooooo hot. Shes such a beata
by Mark_GANG_Gang January 11, 2019
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Beata is derived from the Latin beatus, meaning "blessed".
Beata is so nice, I love her!
by ilysm1234 September 18, 2018
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-only the guy can drop the beatums on the ladies

-u cant give beatums you only drop them

-no gay sex (DONT USE THE WORD,FAGS)

-girls cannot drop the beatums what so ever

-girls recieve the beatums

-guys drop the beatums
1.Damn Nigga I Just Dropped The Beatums.

2.That Bitch I Told her to bend over and i Dropped The Beatums

3.When you gonna Let me Drop the Beatums
by Mitch And Rob Dogg January 14, 2007
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A beautiful and Intelligent creatuere who loves to be alone. Most men stare at awe of her when she is in the room yet she isnt looking for a man(she's lesbiannnnn). Her joy will brighten up ur day and her kindness will warm ur heart. If u meet a beata keep her and dont let go
Girl: Omg do you see THAT beata though?

Girl N2: Yeah, just looking at her makes me happy
by Pineapplekillsapple January 10, 2019
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