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A beat friend is someone that won’t ask a question when you take a “ten minute break” or when you get a “snack”. They know exactly what your doing but won’t say anything about it because they so the same things. Y’all both know y’all masturbating but won’t say anything and has complete understanding
Conrad:yo Brandon I need a ten minute break sharon just sent me nudes

Brandon:imma take a ten minute break too

Conrad: man we beat friends aren’t we

Brandon:Hell yeah we are
by Bicboibrandon June 04, 2019
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A beat friend is just like a best friend but better. And you can only have one,even in fights they are your beat friend. And they love you!!!❤️
by Pan_cait June 12, 2019
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A friend that isn't worth the spell correct to make it "BEST". Ahhahah Dills
I guess Facebook thinks he's my beat friend.
by Dillm February 10, 2019
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A friend you constantly hurt with hitting or kicking, or any form of physical pain/ usually not abusive, as the other friend is okay with it, and it may be a type of inside joke
"yeah, Johnny, he's my beat-friend, he doesn't mind it, though, it's our thing"
by antisocialphan January 12, 2017
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