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Beasus is a fucking thot. She likes hitting people up and hitting boys in their dicks. Beasus can't tell if she's straight or not. She's an open person. Depending on the human she's after she'll show them her tits or let em in on her emotional the end it never fucking works out. Beasus has nightmares and cries too much to be legally sane. Beasus is fucking weird and stares a lot. If she likes you, she really does like you, but it doesn't last more than 3 months. Her hangouts are usually third wheeling or titty fucking in a hammock. No in-between. Despite this, she has higher standards, she don't send nudes. Her #1 motto is "if they gonna get this shit *carress tits* they gonna get it in person!" Beasus can be referred to as beez or bea. Never to be mistaken with bae, that shits annoying. Beasus doesn't get out much, her parents don't trust her ass at all. It's hard to go anywhere without a stalker. It's hard for beasus to make new friends. She's not real patient and most peeps are fuckin retarded.
It's easy to catch beef with beasus
by Brabrablacksheep September 25, 2018
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She is a wild chica. She likes most boys and is always confused on what she really wants to do with her life. She thinks a lot about being a sugar baby, stripper, or a drunk bartender. Beasus always has one good friend that is an ass. She is very open with her body, and loves showing off her tits coz they fly af . She only gets self conscious when someone tries shoving their finger up her nose. She tends to take big steps rather than baby ones in her life. She likes to take dumb pictures of her friends. Crying herself to sleep has become a routine, mind you she is actually very positive. She gets good grades and knows how to get shit done. She wants to share her motos to the world. She loves partying; weed, alcohol and vaping are her favorite. Nevertheless she is very responsible. She loves her parents but it’s hard to please their loco behinds. Late night, deep conversation are her favorite. Music speaks to her and sharing playlists is her sport. She can’t act sober even when she is. Don’t worry bout shaving your balls for her, she don’t mind natural body hair.
by Chessbea May 15, 2018
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